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Corvette Parts Deals -- pay attention to the Key (gray area) below!

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= Part not recommended for purchase (part not fit for use)
= Outright dishonesty involved (part not fit for use AND seller has integrity issues such as being purposefully dishonest with purchaser)!!!

Seller Spotlight: The seller with the most parts at the best prices around for our '84 restoration: Lake Chevrolet,  Lake Elsinore, California, (909) 674-3116.  Lake Chevrolet has had THE BEST prices for many of the parts we've purchased for this restoration--pretty surprising since this is a Chevy dealership!  Service was second to NONE.

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New Dash cover: $24 Ebay:  Best price on the planet.  This was large enough for me to bend the edge closest to the driver/passenger down to cover the crack on the edge of the dash pad.  MUCH cheaper and looks great!  Very helpful dealer.  Contributed by author.

Top Dash Pad: The best deal is the Dash Pad "cap" which starts at $46 on Ebay--bidding usually ends before it hits $100. Read the adds about shipping--it's NOT included. This is a plastic cap that fits over the old cracked dash.  Query "corvette dash pad" or "corvette dash cap" on Ebay.  You can find a used dash pad for $240 from Matt at 1-800-909-8388 or at one of the used parts sellers listed below, but it's used, 20 years old, and apt to crack soon as well.  A place called is suppose to do VERY good work but is also expensive-don't know if they are more expensive than buying one new.  New: $489.84 at Lake Chevrolet: Best price I found anywhere.  I haven't purchased one yet, though...gotta wait until I fix or replace the guage cluster, though. Pounding on the dash pad with my palm and fist to get the guage cluster to come back on is what cracked it!  UPDATE: Folks on the Cross-Fire Injection Vault ( tell me that this thing rattles after the glue has gotten hot and cold a couple of times.  It may look nice, but they say it's NOT worth it and DON'T recommend it.  Contributed by author.

New Automatic shift bezel where the ashtray sits: $40 used anywhere (use the email addresses at the bottom of the page), but I recommend buying it new if you're planning a decent restore--especially if you're buying any other dash piece new. Old dash pieces next to new ones REALLY look bad.  The Last Detail 1-888-527-8338: $94.00. Best price I found anywhere on a new one.  I bought one for $22.87 from "c4store" on Ebay that came with a boot, clear plastic indicator, the shift pointer that tells what gear you're in ($39.00 new just for the pointer!!!), and an ash tray door in good shape.  I used the door, spring, door hinge (make sure if you just buy a door, that it comes with the hinge pins--2 pins but 4 total pieces. Each pin has a center pin inside it), pointer, and rubber bumpers.  I saved a bundle!  I also took the rubber bumpers out of my old bezel using pliers to break the plastic.  Don't try to pull them out!  Contributed by author. 

New Gauge bezel: $99 at Art's Corvette Parts  Best price I found anywhere.  Art's Corvette Parts has always been helpful with speedy service.  Contributed by author.

Digital Dash Gauge Cluster Repair: $FREE!  I repaired my Digital Dash Gauge Cluster using these two guides and about $30 of stuff from Radio Shack.  REPAIR GUIDE #1  REPAIR GUIDE #2 It really is EASY--REALLY!  Read the guides first and follow the directions.  It will save you up to $350 or more if your cluster is acting up.  DON'T hit the cluster or slap the top of your dash board to try to get your Digital Dash Gauge Cluster to come back on when the lights go out, when the digits flicker wildly, or when the two turn signals and high beam light come on brightly--I did that and cracked my 20-year-old dash pad--THAT'S ANOTHER $500 FOR A NEW DASH PAD!!!  Read about my experience with the guy who supposedly fixed my guage cluster:

New Center dash bezel where the radio sits: $153.20 from The Last Detail 1-888-527-8338.  THE PRICE ON THIS PART IS GOING DOWN DRAMATICALLY SOON!  Not a bad price when compared to other sellers--it's the best price I found.  The Last Detail WILL BE lowering their prices even more on this item as well as improving its quality, according "James"--keep checking back with them.  The part I received has several defects on its face.  The defects make the part's surface appear inconsistent as if the plastic was either scuffed or molded improperly.  I had contacted The Last Detail about this twice before I received a response.  James said he'd replace it free...had to contact them twice before I received the replacement part too!  It took a full 3 weeks to receive the replacement!  Contributed by author. 

New Passenger side dash pad: This was by far the best deal I found.  I've seen this pad for $189.00 new.  I got a new one for $19!!!  How?  I mistakenly queried "corvette dash pod" instead of "corvette dash pad".  And the guy selling it listed it as a dash "pod", rather than a dash "pad".  No one bid on it except me!  It was new in the box!  I had just purchased a really nice one for $65.00 that I resold for about the same amount.  Try doing queries with common misspellings!  Contributed by author.

New Center console door/lid: $133.60 at Lake Chevrolet in California: (909) 674-3116. Corvette Central sells a plastic cover for this door for 39.95.  Probably would look good with the dash "cap".  I bought a new door from Lake Chevrolet for $130 and restained it with spray stain ($12) from The Last Detail. DON’T DO THIS!!! The stain is really just spray paint. Absolutely everything I’ve painted looks like crap whenever it gets scratched. I gave everything I painted several coats and even used primer too and it still scratches really easily. The console door doesn’t take stain/paint at all!!!!!!!! The chemical make-up of the rubber doesn’t work with the stain/paint, I think. It looks like it never really dried—a bit sticky. It really appears like the paint or primer wasn’t shaken up enough before I used it, but I know that it was. Maybe the paint or primer was old or something. But that doesn’t figure either because I painted my sills with the same cans of primer and stain/paint and they dried fine (except for the new scratches in the paint)… MY OVERALL ADVICE—DON’T BUY THIS PART. EITHER BUY THE BLACK PLASTIC COVER FOR THIS DOOR OR WAIT UNTIL SOMEONE STARTS MAKING THEM IN PROPER FACTORY COLORS!  Contributed by author. 

Interior "dye": $12.00 from The Last Detail 1-888-527-8338.  I ordered three cans of this "dye" in two separate shipments.  I received a different color/shade in the second shipment, even though there was only one shade of 'saddle' that came on '84s.  Even though I bought the "dye" from The Last Detail, the label on at least one of the cans read, "Corvette America 84-87 saddle"!!!  Here's the really bad thing, though: How do you think I found out that the color was different?  Yep--it was after I had removed and primed several parts and begun spraying.  In my humble opinion, this "dye" is really just spray paint!  You really can't "dye" that rubbery-plastic stuff that the center console door is made of, for example, as you may have surmised!  *And if you plan on "dying" your sills, as another example, even if you use primer, the"dye"...will wear off almost immediately if you drive your Vette very often.  I drive mine every day and the paint started wearing off in less than a week.  Contributed by author. 

New Sun visors: Everyone is now selling NEW sun visors with a small mirror on the passenger side that's different from the original.  These have a hard (plastic) center/interior piece rather than fiber board like the originals.  These should last longer and they look pretty good.  You can find these for under $100--usually around $85 for the pair--on Ebay.  Contributed by author. 

New Rear window plastic trim/cover: $33.47 from Lake Chevrolet in California: (909) 674-3116. Best price I found anywhere on a new one.  Contributed by author. 

New Front ($9 at The Last Detail) and rear speaker grills ($30) at Lake Chevrolet in California: (909) 674-3116. Best prices I found anywhere on new ones.  Contributed by author. 

New Delco/Bose plastic logo tags: $8 each from Lake Chevrolet in California: (909) 674-3116. Best price I found anywhere on a new one.  Contributed by author. 

New Carpeting: $378.00 Ebay: parts4corvettes.  This was for a complete front and rear mass back set!  DON'T buy used or anything but MASS BACK.  I'm told that mass back is the best.  Some stuff even comes without any backing whatsoever-just some kind of funky carpet fiber all meshed together.  I haven't installed this yet.  Got any tips, let me know! UPDATE: I just installed all of the carpeting. Aside from taking the seats out, this was pretty straight forward. Easy if you take your time. Time consuming. Well worth it. Again, old used parts next to new ones really take away from a restoration. EVERYTHING inside my baby is brand new—or at least LOOKS brand new!  Contributed by author.

New DELUXE door panels/panel components: $580 from Matt at 1-800-909-8388 (I didn't write down what the name of the company this was, sorry).  AWESOME price.  Includes 2 panels with top trim, top grill, arm rest and carpet.  Contributed by author.

2 NEW door lock switches: $12 total from Matt at 1-800-909-8388.  GM replacements, not the crappy after market ones, according to Matt, that have thin plastic that breaks. That must be the kind I had purchased about a year ago!  Contributed by author.

New inner door bezel: $39 from Matt at 1-800-909-8388.  The cheapest I could find.  Contributed by author.

New Interior Screw Set: I searched everywhere for the cheapest set: tinknocker333 on Ebay: $20.99 with "Buy it now".  Contributed by author.

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Floor mats: $12 Ebay: redneck43

Rear View Mirror: $10-$15 from any junk yard!  The 84-89 C-4 uses THE SAME MIRROR AS THE Chevy S-10 Truck!!!  Oh yah--sure beats $65+ from ANY of the major Vette parts sellers!!!  Contributed by author.

Seatbelts: $24 each on Ebay: "sc4668". These were REALLY dirty but I cleaned them up pretty well.  This is one I don't suggest you buy on Ebay.  The seller was correct when he said that they were dirty.  He also said that they should clean up ok.  He was right there, too...I guess.  If I had it to do over again, though, I would buy new.  They were a pain to clean and the outside plastic case was scratched from normal usage.  I was going to send them back, but my wife started scrubbing on them and I was surprised how much gunk came off.  We scrubbed for days. Oh--and the passenger side seat belt never worked at all!

Seatbelts Update: NEW SEAT BELTS FROM TABER FOR $45 EACH!!! Actually, I had emailed them asking about NEW ones, but for this price they’re probably used. That’s the price they sent me, though. *I just visited the Taber web site and the seat belts are advertised for $35!  --Probably just the belt itself??  Taber Corvette Parts: Toll Free 1-877-349-2838.  Contributed by author.

Flat covers for the sun visor bolts/nuts: I didn't save a cent.  Actually, I got ripped off. I bought them from someone in Saint Charles, Missouri for $10 each--and one of them was cracked just like the one I wanted to replace.  I asked the guy, of course, if these used parts were cracked or broken--and he, of course, told me that he would "find me some good ones" (that weren't cracked or broken, right?!)  I was in a hurry that day and wasn't concerned about $20.  Contributed by author. 

Tilt steering wheel lever: $15 from the guy in Missouri.  These go for $15 used everywhere.  Use the email addresses below or Ebay and ensure that the one you find is in good shape.  This is the only part I didn't have a problem with from this seller.  Contributed by author. 

Black plastic covers for the targa top storage holders: Copy the email addresses at the bottom of this page into the "To:" block of an email message requesting these--don't forget to ask for the price of the part or some of the sellers will simply write back that they have it.  You obviously want to be able to disregard those with higher prices immediately.  This has worked great for me so far.  Contributed by author. 

Shift boot: $12.95 Ebay: redneck43 Great deal!  Ensure that it looks good and DOESN'T HAVE ANY HOLES.  When you get it, dye it with leather dye, then take some black shoe wax to it several times, then use some neutral shoe wax.  Better than new, in my opinion.  Try some leather dye and black shoe wax, in that order, on your steering wheel as well.  Contributed by author.

Automatic Shift knob: $9.95 Ebay: redneck43  This item is about $50 new.  This was a great deal.  I haven't put in on yet, though.  They say you have to pry up the button and take off a retaining ring.  If the button breaks, The Last Detail has buttons for under $10. *I just put it on and it was really easy. Looks great!  Contributed by author.

Under dash panels: $25 Ebay: dcmock1.  Probably a good price but I don't know.  Mine were broken--these aren't.  Contributed by author.

Fuse panel bezel: $10 Ebay: cross-fire84.  Part was NOT in great shape…it was cracked but I fixed it with some super-duper stir-it-up kinda glue.  Contributed by author.

Ash Tray Door: FREE: Since they don't make this item any more, buy a couple on Ebay and sand and repaint the best looking one with FLAT black paint, then put dash protectant on it like you do the rest of your dash when you detail your car.  Sweet!  Resell the one you don't use-this is a GREAT way to ensure you get the best used parts and recoup or even make money on the part you don't want.  *The amount you get for it is highly dependent on how you word your Ebay add.  Something to think about…  Contributed by author.

C4 Corvette front view  NEW Exterior 84-89 C-4 Parts  C4 Corvette rear view

Door handle covers: Outright dishonesty?  These covers were ordered by _________, a Corvette Forum member, but never received.  He made several attempts to contact the business which all met with negative results.  Contributed by _________.  Here's the thread at CF: _____________.  Here's a link to the web site where he ordered the covers:

New Universal power antenna: $15 Ebay: bass_sales.  I haven't installed this yet--AND DON'T PLAN TO EITHER!!!.  This thing would make my any Vette look ghetto!  When the antenna is in the lowest position, the antenna is still sticking out about 3 inches!!!  It's new, though, and by far the best price I ever expected to find on an antenna.  If you happen to be looking for an antenna that looks ghetto, this one's for you! Contributed by author.

New Weatherstrip kit--7 pieces--$410 from 1A Auto 1-888-844-3393  AWESOME savings.  When installing the rear hatch weatherstrip, be careful to get the two corners seated as deeply as possible.  You have to remove one end of each strut.  ONLY use adhesive at the two turns on the left and right rear on either side of the gas door.  Apply glue per instructions, , and make sure you have pre-fitted the seal first--once you push it on, you CAN'T get it off!!! 

I had a long conversation with a guy from Astrotops who told me that the two weatherstrip manufacturers you DON'T want to buy from are A & M and Metro Molded Parts.  Why? He said because, "even though the weatherstrip is thicker than weatherstrips made by other manufacturers, who cares if they last forever if you can't close the doors and it leaks like a shower!"

I immediately called 1A autos, the place I bought mine from, and learned (to my immediate dismay and suspicion) that I had purchased Metro Molded Parts weatherstrips.  Hmmm...then I thought about what the Astro Tops guy said and considered the source.

New, thick weatherstrips on the roof panel WOULD add significantly to the problem of closing the doors until the weatherstrips become a bit more plyable--ESPECIALLY at the top of the window where the thick targa top weatherstrips are located. I haven't installed the targa top weatherstrips yet. He's right--these suckers ARE thick. The hatch weatherstrip is so thick that it sticks out too far in the corners and I was afraid to slam the hatch for about 2 months without stuffing the weatherstrip up around the inside of the window from the corner up on the sides.

As far as leaking goes, I've heard that no matter what you do they're going to leak. In fact, the local Chevy dealership here WON'T EVEN INSTALL THEM FOR ME because they can't guarantee them (whatever brand they sell/use) not to leak. 
NOTE: You MUST seal between the windshield trim and the windshield--otherwise water will leak between the trim and the window into your car at the front of the doors/sides of the dash where the side windshield trim ends!!!  The trim will act like a scoop and force the water under the trim where it will drain out by your rear view mirror and at the lowest point where the side windshield trim ends.

And as far as the doors not closing, he's got a point, but I didn't install all of the different weatherstrips all at once. First the door weatherstrips, then a couple of weeks later the windshield weatherstrip, then in a couple more weeks the roll bar thingy weatherstrip. I haven't installed the Targa Top weatherstrip because I need to replace the top...but NOT from Astrotops for $450 (plus $30 to ship it there and another $50 for them to ship it back). Even though that's the best price around, Astrotops uses rubber trim to replace the aluminum trim that goes around the circumfrance of the plexiglass.  The rubber stuff rips when you put the top in its storage position under the hatch.  Anyway, I had no PROBLEM with the doors not closing (just leaking!!!). The door weatherstrips WERE a bit stiff, but they are a bit more pliable now. I just installed the roll bar thingy weatherstrip last weekend and the passenger window doesn't want to go all the way up by itself (gotta open the door to get the window all the way up, then shut the door).

I don't have any experience with any other brand. Make your own decision: Thick and $400 or thin and $650+ for the 7-piece weatherstrip kit. One thing I'd do differently, though, is try to have them include the little dash weatherstrips on either end of the dashboard sides and/or the engine compartment weatherstrips instead of the hatch weatherstrip. Tucking it up under the window every time I open the hatch is irritating--especially when the hatch continues to leak!!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???!!! --It's a one-piece weatherstrip!

EXTRA TIP: use one of these three things to make your weather strips last as long as possible: "dielectric grease" available at any parts store; "SIL-GLYDE", part # 765-1351, a silicone lubricating compound available from NAPA which also has a UV protectant; or "DuPont Krytox" available from for about $5.  Credit for this EXTRA TIP goes to, the BEST source for all things Crossfire!!!  Contributed by author.

 New Outer Door Window Seals/Wipes: $59 for the pair from Matt at 1-800-909-8388.  Decent deal, but I've heard recently that you can get these on Ebay for under $20 per pair -- now, THAT's a good deal!  Contributed by author.

 New Windshield: $212 - any local car glass shop ought to replace your windshield for $212,  including installation.  Take off your old trim at home, wire-wheel the heck out of it, then prime/paint and give it to the glass shop for installation.  MAKE SURE they put it back on the right side!!!  New trim costs $250.  New weather strip costs $250.  I'd thought it would be a lot more for the windshield itself.  Check around if they want to charge you more than that.  I read about another vette owner paying $275 for his recently.  UPDATE: prices went up in February 2003.  You’re looking at another $50-$100—and trim is NOT included.  NOTE: You MUST seal between the windshield trim and the windshield--otherwise water will leak between the trim and the window into your car at the front of the doors/sides of the dash where the side windshield trim ends!!!  The trim will act like a scoop and force the water under the trim where it will drain out by your rear view mirror and at the lowest point where the side windshield trim ends.  Contributed by author.

New Hood/gas door emblems: $20/$28, respectively, from The Last Detail 1-888-527-8338.  Best price I found anywhere.  These are stock GM replacements.  Don't buy used ones—new ones make the car look brand new...well...unless you need a paint job, in which case your car will look MUCH BETTER with new emblems!  The rear one has gummy stuff on the bottom of it so it doesn't rattle.  Wax/buff your car FIRST, then install.  Contributed by author. 

 New Rear bumper emblem: $33.55 Ebay: redneck43 I haven't purchased this yet.  This is the best price I've found--as are ALL of the parts listed here.  Wax/buff, THEN install the new emblem!  Contributed by author.

C4 Corvette front view  USED Exterior 84-89 C-4 Parts  C4 Corvette rear view

Targa Top/Transparent Roof: DO buy one on Ebay, used, for from  Check out Melrose's 5 criteria for a good top.  This is where I'm going to purchase my replacement top unless I can find a place that will sell me just the acrylic piece that meets Melrose's 5 criteria.  Others say NOT to buy one new from ANYONE else, especially from Astrotops, according to Corvette Forum (CF)!!!  According to several posts at CF, Astrotops does not use thick acrylic AND uses a rubber trip piece that rips when the top is placed into/removed from the rear deck holder.  No seller will sell only the acrylic top piece separate from installation so you can get your local glass shop to attach it to your frame core.  If you can find a business who will sell you JUST the acrylic piece, you can have your local windshield glass shop glue it to your frame/core--I had this done and it works GREAT!!!  *The part numbers for the COMPLETE acrylic top (core AND acrylic piece) are 12370123-Blue and 12370124-Bronze, according to Corvette Forum member, "sraft" on CF.

Targa Top/Transparent Roof additional info: According to "NoWorries" on CF, The tops are all the same size, a '96 will fit an '84, an '84 will fit a '96, the mounting hardware is all that needs to be changed!  Here's a graphic posted by "LWesthaver" that shows the different mounting hardware:

Now all you have to do is find a decent top from ANY 4th Gen Corvette and swap-out your current mounting hardware!

Left rear marker light: $10.51 Ebay: redneck43  Great deal.  84-87s are the same.  Contributed by author.

Side windows: On Ebay or use the email addresses below.  You'll spend about half of the cost of new ones.  Contributed by author.


C4 Corvette front view  84 Crossfire Engine Parts  C4 Corvette rear view

New Radiator fan motor: $35.23 at  This motor was over $80 at some places.  Contributed by author.

More to come:  New intake options, custom plates, info about moving to wiper motor for an Offy intake install.  Check my web designAuthor's Links for now until I put this info here.  Contributed by author.

New alternator: DO NOT buy a rebuilt!!!  Ask the parts store to find you a larger alternate alternator that will fit the 350.  The larger one solves the known '84 overload problem.  *The original '84 alternator can't handle the car's electrical system--partly due to the faulty digital gauge package.  Contributed by author.

New '85 fuel pump for the '84--NO MORE HESITATION!!!:  Please contribute this info if you've purchased this part!  Other Crossfire owners will tell you that the '85 fuel pump is the one to get.  I don't know why but they swear by it!  You can identify whether your Crossfire has the '85 pump by whether it has a plastic plug electrical connector.  The '85 has the plastic electrical connector.  Contributed by author.

C4 Corvette front view  Non-Original Modifications  C4 Corvette rear view

 New Bulldog security electric door, hatch key chain opener w/parking light flashing.  It's a KE100.  I had to buy two #775 relays.  The total was about $50.  Bulldog has a wiring diagram on their web site and is very helpful over the phone.  UPDATE: I WOULD NOT PURCHASE THIS SUCKER AGAIN UNLESS I KNEW A BIT MORE ABOUT AUTO WIRING!!!  I’ve now got to have it installed professionally because Bulldog can’t tell you what wires to connect to what wires.  You’d think they’d make it easy since it’s a do-it-yourself kit!  No cigar—you have to test to see if you have a positive or negative hatch release switch and search for several other wires that you have to guess at since the car’s wiring diagram doesn’t match up with what Bulldog gives you for instructions.  In my humble opinion, THIS KIT IS CHEAP (the key chain broke because of cheap links and the plastic is really light-weight/cheap).  BEWARE!!!  I wrote Bulldog email and explained in detail my beef over two months ago and have gotten no response yet!!!  If I ever do I'll place it here.  Contributed by author.

Keyless Entry Update: You can get GM's standard entry system (key fob graphic at top of page) for your Vette and install it with these awesome instructions (CLICK HERE) for $100!  The GM system is durable and reliable...unlike another systems.  Contributed by author.

More to come:  New intake options, custom plates, info about moving to wiper motor for an Offy intake install.  Check my web designAuthor's Links for now until I put this info here.

   ANYONE may contribute to this resource--parts seekers/finders AND suppliers alike!  Send us info on your best part deal and we'll post it here and give you credit! *Make sure you provide this information: name of part, price you paid, seller contact information, your name and contact information, and a few sentences about the part, installation tips, etc.!  *Parts seekers/finders MUST supply contact information to ensure the info on this site remains credible and accurate!  Tell us about your experience with the seller as well!

*The Ebay user IDs I've listed on this page can be queried at Ebay if you wish to contact the seller.

It's time to sit back and let the Sellers battle it out:
Cut-and-Paste these addresses into the "To:" block!

These are email addresses for several of the reliable sellers I've purchased parts from. Cut and paste these addresses in the "To:" block of an email message and let THEM battle it out so you get the best prices!  Aren't you tired of being a consumer?! *If you find any of these sellers to be unreliable or untrustworthy, PLEASE LET US KNOW so your fellow C-4 restorers don't get a raw deal!;;;;;;;;;; DAW4PARTS@AOL.COM;;;;;;;

There is NOTHING for sale on this web site!  Author gets NO monetary compensation whatsoever from any seller or part mentioned or referred to on this web site! This web site is an attempt to get sellers to compete for your business, hence driving DOWN the price of your restoration parts. That said, author WILL place advertising banners on this web site if the business is known to be reputable by author and/or a Forum consensus that the advertiser/advertiser's inventory is reputable.  Contact Author to become a candidate for advertising here.  Author will ensure that this web site remains a GREAT resource for you, the C4 owner--no more searching endlessly for the best deal on the parts you're looking for, or risking the purchase of expensive parts from an unknown seller.  The research is already done by the author and other C4 owners!  YOU can contribute to this resource as well by contacting us about the great deals YOU'VE found on parts for YOUR C4! Disclaimer: All information on this website and forum are used by the recipient with the inherent risks involved and C4Restore is not liable for any damage that may result from their use. If you are not comfortable doing anything stated, consult a professional. Copyright © 2003 C4 Restore. ©CORVETTE is a Trademark of General Motors Corporation. All GM Trademarks are used under written agreement with GM/Chevrolet/EMI. Any use of the Corvette name at this site is used only as a point of reference to automobiles or automotive products line of the same name. This web site is independently operated as a free informational service for the benefit of Corvette owners and other interested parties. Neither the Chevrolet Motor Division nor any other segment of General Motors or it's affiliates or subsidiaries shall bear any responsibility what so ever for content. No copyright infringement is intended for various articles taken from unknown sources.
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